The Art Garden - Omaha, NE

Providing the Omaha Community with Handcrafted Art Created with Love and Care By Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

The Art Garden is a not-for-profit art gallery and gift shop in Omaha, NE with handcrafted art goods created with love and pride by individuals in the Autism Center of Nebraska’s adult vocational services programs. We serve a dual purpose as both an art retail store and artist co-op to provide the Omaha community with a fantastic place to buy hand-made local art, including paintings, garden art, jewelry, woodworking designs, glass art, canvas art, knickknacks, seasonal art, and more. Not only do we sell art, we are creating an environment for adults with developmental disabilities to thrive professionally and receive pre-vocational skills training they can use to become engaged, active members of the Omaha professional community. The Art Garden promotes dignity, decision-making, and skill development among our individuals, while providing opportunities for creative expression!

Our Handmade Local Art

Pre-Vocational and Day Services in Omaha, Nebraska

The Art Garden is a one-of-a-kind adult day service that provides pre-vocational services for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. As an integral component of the comprehensive vocational services program offered by the Autism Center of Nebraska, Inc. (ACN), The Art Garden is an innovative arts collective in which individuals over 21 years of age with special needs can learn pre-vocational skills that will prepare them socially, emotionally, and physically for life in the workplace. Our goal at The Art Garden is to give the individuals served by ACN a nurturing, inclusive, and engaging environment where they can flourish professionally and personally.

The Art Garden’s adult day service program provides our incredible artists a place to learn employment skills such as time management, critical thinking, organization, professionalism, and teamwork, in a setting which fosters creativity and independence. Made possible with support from organizations and individuals within Omaha and throughout the State of Nebraska, The Art Garden is helping our amazing artists unlock their potential and become productive members of the Omaha business community, despite unique challenges.

Purchase Beautiful Art with A Beautiful Purpose

Come by and see us!

We are conveniently located on Q St., with business hours on Monday- Friday from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Come visit us and even meet some of the Art Garden Artists in person! Get great art gifts for your family and friends, or treat yourself to some beautiful, affordable art for your own home or garden!

Want to help?

We GLADLY accept donations of arts and craft supplies, particularly wine bottles of interesting colors/shapes, costume jewelry that can be taken apart or repurposed, wood, wine corks, glass, cloth, canvas, beads, and anything else that could potentially be made into something new and fabulous! We also gladly accept monetary donations are also welcome.

The Art Garden

9747 Q St. Omaha, NE 68127
Hours: Monday – Friday 10:30am- 3:30pm